API kits for Developers

payaid api integration

PayAid Payments helps developers build payments into an app or website with responsive design and instant updates on integration. With clear, concise API documentation and support for major programming languages and platforms, you can get your website or app up and running quickly.

You can customize the platform as per your choice and control the user experience. PayAid’s hosted solution ensures that you adhere to PCI standards. It can be displayed either as a modal form or as an embedded form offering a fluid experience for your users.

Develop your app or website in your favorite language without worrying about compatibility issues. We offer a bevy of options for programming languages and SDKs.

If there is a language or SDK not listed here, do let us know. We will provide the support to ensure you can offer a seamless payment gateway service for your customers.

  • API Documentation – Simple, straightforward API to accelerate your digital transformation
  • We provide support for most of the major programming languages -PHP, ASP, JAVA, Laravel, Python.
  • SDK Kit – iOS, and Android.

You can integrate with our online payments APIs in several ways. These range from using a pre-built integration, to building your own UI for full control over your checkout experience.

Start Integrating

Build an integration that can take a payment. Use a plugin – start accepting payments through e-commerce platforms. Use pre built UI – Embedded payments UI in your website/iOS/Android App. This can be customized with your own styling and text. Use your own UI – Build your own UI, and process transactions using PayAid APIs. This gives you full control over your checkout experience. Pay by Link – Redirect shoppers to an PayAid-hosted checkout from a SMS link, Email link, with invoice attachment – to complement your in-store sales channel. Keep your system up-to-date on payment events, status changes, disputes, and more. Accept more payment methods with your integration. Refund a payment back to your customer. Manage risk – Detect and mitigate fraud, and handle disputes and chargebacks. Test your integration, and get ready to accept live payments. Activate the portal and control the authorizations with role based credentials to your integrated system payments. See how your integration handles refused payments, cancelled transactions, and other errors.
  • Assign and manage your terminal fleet.
  • View transactions for a terminal, store, or region.
  • Generate reports, and automate your reconciliation.
  • View unified transaction data and reports for both your in-store and online sales channels.
  • Access cross-channel, real-time shopper data and insights.
Get started quickly – Integrate with developer-friendly APIs or choose low-code or pre-built solutions. Support any business model – E-commerce, subscriptions, SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and more – all within a unified platform. Join our partner businesses – PayAid is trusted by ambitious startups and enterprises of every size.