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Understanding Tokenization: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Tokenization has become a buzzword in the payment industry. With the increase in the number of cybercrimes, it has become necessary to find ways to secure payment information.    What is Tokenization? Tokenization replaces sensitive information with non-sensitive information, referred to as a token. The payment industry involves replacing a credit card number with a …

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The Evolution of Payment Processing

The payment processing industry has undergone a significant transformation as the world is becoming more digitised, and online transactions are increasing rapidly. From traditional cash-based payments to online payments and digital wallets, the evolution of payment processing has completely revolutionised how we pay for goods and services.  Understanding Payment Processing Payment processing is the process …

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Payment Fraud Prevention Tips for Your Online Business

Payment Fraud Prevention Tips for Your Online Business. With the introduction of online payment solutions to customers, customers enjoy a more convenience shopping experience, whereas the merchants are able to expand their online business. However, it also brought in the risk of payment frauds; wherein the fraudsters steal or buy another person’s payment information such …

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PayAid… A Bolster for the Business

PayAid is a multi-faceted conglomerate which provides very cost-effective next generation payment infrastructure, which assist the small medium and large industries to accelerate the payment procedures and payment acceptability; in a simple and lucid way. This enables them to enhance their business profitability growth both in India and also internationally.  PayAid is one of the …

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Configurable and customizable MIS

Struggling with your Legacy MIS Reports? We Have A Configurable and Customizable Solution for You! Almost all businesses these days run on technology and everything is heavily dependent on systems, from a small internal process in the company to client interactions. Management Information System (MIS) is the central application critical to the smooth functioning of …

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BNPL – For Store finances

Buy now, pay later: Helping India’s millions of STORES get access to finance.   In India, BNPL has found an additional — and perhaps more productive — application. Self-employed people, whose customers pay mostly in cash, have traditionally found it very hard to prove their creditworthiness to banks. Starting with Unilever in 1888, practically everyone …

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