Marketing Alliances

Automate Campaigns - Marketing Alliances

Integrated Automation Ecosystem You Need

Coordinate and collaborate with teams across all departments to automate your business ecosystem and build a cohesive customer experience with PayAid Automation Suite.

Through our platform, we can orchestrate your company’s Marketing Ecosystem to Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience and simplify Customer Journeys into Experience Storyboard.

  • Recognize your customers anywhere
  • Recognize each customer across all their interactions with your brand so you can engage with them in a consistent and personalized way.
  • Adapt to unpredictable customer journeys
  • Improve customer engagement by delivering experiences that adapt in real time to the complexity and unpredictability of customer behaviours.
  • Predict and deliver on customer needs
  • Harness the value of AI to engage with customers at the time that’s right for them, on their preferred channel, and with the right message, every time.
  • Connect your marketing ecosystem and beyond
  • Break down marketing silos and connect to sales cloud, service cloud, and back–office applications to provide consistent experiences through the customer lifecycle

Build automation campaigns that are relevant, targeted, and more human. Start with creating a cohesive customer experience across all marketing channels to drive higher business ROI.