Payaid payment gateway

PayAid is a multi-faceted conglomerate which provides very cost-effective next generation payment infrastructure, which assist the small medium and large industries to accelerate the payment procedures and payment acceptability; in a simple and lucid way. This enables them to enhance their business profitability growth both in India and also internationally.  PayAid is one of the major players providing the best solutions to the industry when it comes to the billing, reconciliation of the payment with the most innovative, safe and reliable products. No doubt it has been awarded the Best Payment Startup of 2021; within a very short span of initiation.

PayAid has a plethora of solutions for the businesses to gear up their growth; and achieve tremendous profits.


PayAid provides the technologically advance payment gateway in encompassing several features such as dashboard, reconciliation, BNPL, routing, split payments; API kits for developers etc. PayAid is also into providing a platform for automation of any companies marketing ecosystem to achieve the maximum benefits to their customers in a simplified manner. These automation campaigns are very relevant and provides a cohesive customer experience across all marketing channels for higher profitability.


PayAid is into the next generation wire support transactions such as IMPS, NEFT and RTGS providing solutions for making payments beyond banking hours; with the facility to bulk upload the contacts and bulk transfer of payments to the customers. This technology provides a safe and secure support system wherein every transaction has a two-factor authentication security for transferring any amount.

Thus, PayAid is a one stop solution payment gateway provider which empowers the customer with the best payment ecosystem and the most innovative safe and reliable products. This payment platform definitely enhances the business profitability and provides the necessary impetus to shift the growth the growth of the company into top gear.

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