Payment Routing - Success / BIN / Pricing Based

PayAid Payments offer a flexible payment solution which takes into consideration all key features and functionalities of banking products for a high success rate in payment acceptance. It calculates the best route across Aggregators, Banks and MIDs, configuring rules in real-time to track results and adapt to various scenarios depending on client needs to optimize incoming and outgoing transactions. We assign various bank and multiple payment gateway aggregators to your Merchant Identification Number (MID) and track the status of the server in real-time through automatic and manual methods. We track downtime or fluctuations in bank servers in real-time, take into account prior alerts for scheduled downtime of banks, transaction status and recovery status as intimated by the banks. Our intelligent algorithm monitors the drop in the success rate of transactions and routes your transactions through other gateways to make every transaction a sale.

Benefits of Routing

⦿ Unmatched user-experience
⦿ A high conversion rate of transactions
⦿ Lowers shopping-cart abandonments and incomplete transactions

PayAid automatically routes payment through UPI, IMPS or NEFT to sellers, agents and vendors transcending preferred banks, payment modes, service charges and commissions while ensuring the compliance and audit requirements are met.

This flexibility in payment allows our users to take full-control of payment schedules, methods, refunds and reconciliations. This is especially beneficial in business models such as the online marketplace, crowdfunding apps, service aggregators, start-ups, etc.

PayAid offers a frictionless, speedy transaction which in turn encourages your customers to come back for repeated purchase. Your customer base and reputation increase empirically as the convenience factor is high.

PayAid provides a comprehensive solution with well-documented APIs which covers the following aspects of payments :

⦿ Collection of payments through various payment modes

⦿ Splitting of payment to retain a percentage cost as a service fee or commission

⦿ Instant transfer of funds to vendors, business partners etc.

⦿ Auto-reconciliation for ease of auditing

The growth of immediate payments has acted as a catalyst to develop a ubiquitous solution which can be used by all financial institutions, businesses, merchants and individuals.

To provide an on-demand, 24*7 financial service, PayAid supports multi-bank payments and EMI options. There are a number of accounts which are involved in a single transaction such as customer accounts, merchant accounts, logistics accounts, bank accounts, tax accounts and market-place accounts. The transactional events which could also occur in a transaction are – approve, deny, reversal of purchase, chargeback, change of merchant or logistics changes.All these services are presented as a seamless solution to the customers. We support a multitude of payment options and net-banking services including EMI payment options with periodic reminders for payments and split of total transaction amount across various banks. We provide the following services:

⦿ 6 Card Networks
⦿ 18 Payment Gateway aggregators as in 2023.
⦿ BNPL, All Bank Credit and Debit card EMI options.
⦿ 16+ ATM card support
⦿ 80+ Net banking services
⦿ 16 wallet and multi-card payments

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Payment routing is the process of determining the most efficient and cost-effective path for a payment transaction to follow from the point of initiation to its final destination.

PayAid Payments Routing calculates the best route across Aggregators, Banks, and MIDs, configuring rules in real-time to track results and adapt to various scenarios depending on client needs to optimise incoming and outgoing transactions.

Payment Routing ensures optimal transaction success rates by dynamically selecting the best processing network or bank for each payment. By efficiently routing payments, businesses can reduce transaction declines, enhance payment processing speed, and improve the overall customer experience, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

With PayAid, you can customise your payment routing settings for your business. For further information, contact us at

 To start with PayAid’s payment routing, you must register your business first with PayAid. Upon registration, our team of experts will help you integrate everything.

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