Payment Gateway

Best payment gateway companies in India

The technology and solution will greatly help in achieving higher transaction success rates and faster checkout time even for clients who do not have a website. The payment gateway integration is as easy as drag and drop interface from the DIY product to create the client’s own user data, payments data, file attachments etc.

  1. Easy drag-and-drop interface for merchants to create Challans / Fields.

  2. Secure transactions on success based routing through 12 major Payment Aggregators, to increase sales.

  3. Wide variety of pre-built data entry field types.

  4. Zero coding required, create sophisticated payment challans/invoices with a few clicks

  5. Inbuilt configurable validation rules and checks

  6. Build your own websites on our PurchAce platform, to take your store online instantly.

  7. Drag and drop the Features/Interface and let the DIY portal help you collect payments of all your subscribers/customers/clients, the page accepts all kinds of payments – UPI, Net Banking, Cards, wallets, BQR. You can send out bulk collect SMS to all your clients to collect payments.

  8. You can also attach an Invoice for your customers to verify the payment requested and take necessary action as per the bill amounts.

Best payment gateway companies