Payaid payment gateway Indian Recurring Payments Landscape And How It Has Changed In The Recent Past

The demand for digital services has grown more than ever over the past year. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the growth of digital payment has soared. In just a few months, it has seen a growth relative to 10 years. The trend is not just in the B2C space but also in the B2B and P2P spaces. The transition to digital-first payment is not reversing anytime soon and is here to stay. Among the digital payments that have seen a dramatic change is the existing recurring payments. Here’s how it has changed:

 Digital Adoption

The major reason for the change in the landscape of recurring payments is the increase in digital adoptions. The growth in digital retail transactions has risen, with many people registering for banking on their mobile. B2B and B2C companies, in a bid to cater to this adoption, have shifted from paper to digital payments. Firms that lacked digital payment sites now incorporated them to stay in business. 

Use of Technology


Failed payments were one of the major banes of recurring payments, but in the changing landscape, the use of intelligent tools has reduced to a large extent. This has helped businesses become more efficient and also reduces the burden on resources to track and follow up. It reduces the time to churn and get paid. Payment intelligent tools combine automation and machine learning to reduce the pain of recurring payment collection. 

 Advanced Security and Fraud Detection

Digital security has been and is one of the top concerns that need to be constantly addressed by payment platforms. In the changing landscape, there is a wider deployment of advanced security features like biometrics, tokenization, two-way authentication, and other enhanced security to ensure safe and secure transactions. The battle does not end here; fraud management strategies have to be in place to avoid scams in higher volume transactions. Risk management and analytical tools using AI and machine learning is expected to see more adoption growing forward. 

 Easy Setup of Payments

Unlike earlier, recurrent payment services can be set up easily. However, that depends on the service providers. If the right service provider is selected, the recurring payment setup is user-friendly. With a few clicks, recurring payments can be easily set up and a subscription removed. Apart from setting up, the management of the subscribed accounts is also easy. There is no need for merchants to worry as everything is automated, and there is no manual handling of processes.

On the other hand, from the customers’ perspective, there is never a late payment as the amount is deducted automatically as per the set schedule. Additionally, these are time-saving and boosts customer relationships and business performance. 

The landscape of recurrent payments and the payment industry is constantly changing. As technology advances, our payment solutions are no longer facilitating the transfer of funds but also redefining the customer experience. With the help of these solutions, business owners and merchants can manage their businesses easily without any payment delays or hassles.

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