Include payouts to do Vendor payments, Ecommerce refunds, loan disbursements or sending cashbacks to your customers.

Wire is an API based solution that can be included in your product to do payouts related to:

⦿ Replicate your invoices.

⦿ Salaries or Payroll

⦿ Ecommerce Refunds

⦿ Vendor or third-party payments

⦿ Send cashback offers to customers

⦿ Wage payments

We facilitate payments real time by giving you a software by which you can include the following –


Step 1: Create virtual accounts and add money

Step 2: Add bulk contacts

Step 3: Add beneficiaries

Step 4: Start sending payments real time


⦿ No more waiting for banking hours to make payments – process all transactions at any time.

⦿ No need to create contacts and make transactions one at a time as you can bulk upload the contacts and bulk transfer the amount to your customers on the go.

⦿ No more waiting for T+1, T+2 days for settlement of transactions (on bank working days).

⦿ Each and every transaction has two-factor authentication security when you transfer any amount.

⦿ Fewer chances of human error.

⦿ Most importantly RECONCILIATION is in place.

⦿ Smart dashboard analytics will help you in decision making.

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